Health insurance

Suitable while you study in Canada* 

MIILA offers you the possibility of subscribing to a comprehensive health insurance plan at a low cost. This plan covers hospital emergencies and medical expenses, most medical prescriptions, paramedics and visits to the dentist in cases of emergency.

*Only students who have health insurance from their country of origin and who show that it is valid in Canada are not required to purchase health insurance during their stay at MIILA.

Transfer to and from the airport

Arriving in a new country can be challenging at first, which is why we offer you the possibility of having one of our representatives meet you at the airport, to welcome you to Montreal and escort you to your new home. 


At MIILA we invite you to participate in the different activities that we provide apart from the classes. These activities are an excellent way to meet other students, to practice the language and of course to discover the beautiful city of Montreal, interesting places in Quebec and Canada. 


Every month a new calendar of activities will be published so that you are always informed.


For example, depending on the season our activities can be trips to: New York, Boston, Quebec, Ottawa, Toronto and the famous Niagara Falls. You can also go whale watching in Tadoussac, trips to Mont Tremblant, camping and hiking in the famous national parks, ice skating, night club, karaoke and much more.

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